Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guards. There were 2 different bands that are part of that guard that were playing. And one of them played a compilation of Adele songs. Haha. They were very good, but it's not what I thought they would have chosen to play for such a ceremony.

This guy kept going back and forth, and up and down the same spot. Every time he reached the gate, he would say something to the crowd. Usually it was something witty, and then he would smile and chuckle. Everything I have thought about English guards is a lie! Haha. 

We had a prime standing position to see the whole thing.

Buckingham Palace! Bellissima!

 The Queen Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace

 St. James Park in front of Buckingham Palace

 This pigeon... haha.

 Westminster Abbey

BIG BEN (I thought it would be bigger)

The London Eye!

It was really a group effort for all of us to get on this Lion... Took us a while.

Big Ben is in the distance.

The National Portrait Museum /  The National Museum

It was quite a disappointment for me but still a little cool.


This fool doing tight rope tricks while juggling knifes.

The Peter Pan statue! This took us forever to find.

The London Bridge

The Millenium Footpath (as on Harry Potter 6) 

The Globe Theater

 Buckingham Palace

War Memorials

The Tower Bridge

Our Thanksgiving dinner of french fries and hot chocolate.

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