Torino! Mi Citta!

My Italian boy making my roomie and I dinner :)

A beautiful lake outside of Torino (I honestly forgot the name of it)

The Outside View of our Apartment!

              Just some random, cool apartments we found.

            Pictures of the Po River:

             Pictures of Valentino Park and the Castle in it:

Roomie :) 

Condom Dispenser....? 0_0 Haha

                    The View of the Alps from the Lingotto Mall....
                                 (with the Olympic Ring)

                            Le Coline.

The Old FIAT testing Track

                Il Bollo Blu: Usually for Important meetings.

Basilica di Superga. Such a beautiful church overlooking Torino on a hilltop.

Me, my roomie and our friend Joe :)

At the Superga... 

Our first roomie picture at the location of the 2006 Olympics! 

Pictures of my apartment :) 

Mine and Christina's room:

              Il bagno:

             La Cucina:

       La vista della cucina (Le Coline di Torino):

La vista dalla mia finestra della camera da letto:

The view from our hotel on the first night:

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