Friday, April 12, 2013


So I'm going to talk about my Easter experience, even though I know that it was a while ago. Easter Sunday,  or Pasqua, was a beautiful day. I went running and hung around outside relaxing. There were people everywhere laying on the grass and having picnics with family and friends. The next day on the Monday after Easter, or Pasquetta, it was not as pretty of a day, but it was a lot of fun. 
First I must say that while I was on the train to Milan for my flight to Marrakech, I met an Italian named Francesco. We were the only two that were in our train cart considering it was past midnight. He heard me talking on the phone to my sister, and when I hung up, he came over to talk to me, telling me how much he loves to talk to Americans to practice his English and because he said Americans are always very gregarious. He got off the train before I did, but not before we exchange info. A few days after I returned from Spring Break, I had forgotten about getting his information until he called me and wanted to meet up for appertivo (a drink and food). We went and it was a lot of fun. Then we went to meet up with his friend Simone, he's also a nice guy who had  an adorable puppy named Frisky that obtained all of my attention while I was there. I am so animal deprived. Anyways, Simone doesn't know English very well, so we spoke in Italian as the three of us relaxed drinking some coffee. When we were leaving, Francesco then invited me to go to his family's house for Pasquetta for una grigliata (a BBQ).
So that's what I did for the Monday after Easter. I had SO much fun! It was a blast. There were a bunch of people there. All of his friends and family and they were all so nice. When I first got there, they didn't really talk to me because I don't think they knew that I know Italian, and none of them besides Francesco knew English. Haha. Once I started up a conversation to one of them, they all started talking to me. It was really weird because I was kind of like an amazement to them. They asked me all kinds of questions about Texas and certain foods and where I go to school and everything. It was super overwhelming, but I got some good practice for my Italian. The food was mostly just meet. They had chicken, sausage, hamburgers & hotdogs (without the buns) and even ribs. They had some grilled melanzane (eggplant) and zucchini, as well as some salad for after. There was lots of wine and beer. And for dessert they served a traditional Italian cake that is only served at Easter. I can't remember what it's called but it was pretty good. Later, after ALL of that food, someone brought a delicious pizza out and added hotdogs to it.... haha. That may sound really gross, but it was surprisingly good. At the part, I met this girl Giorgia who is super sweet. We talked a lot and before she left we exchanged numbers. A week later we had lunch together. I was a little nervous because I would have to speak in Italian for an hour straight, but it was easier than I thought. 
So overall, it was a very good easter. 
Okay. Well, back to my homework. I have so much to do -_-

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